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From Termini, Rome massages for you.




I’m Titty and I am a professional masseuse. I make massages in Rome.


My passion, my job is take me care of your wellness through ancient art of the massages. I learned a long times ago this art and now I have refined it and improved it with my personal style.


I attended a successful massage courses in Italy and abroad.

Then, I made practice in a spa and in wellness centers.


Thanks my knowledges, experiences, training, enthusiasm, I try to communicate and to live the massage as an art form. I think and I live the massage as an art.


With my massage I like to convey feelings, sensations, emotions.


This because a massage isn’t just technical, but it is a starting-point towards a new feeling and a new sense of the body and of the mind.

A very good massage is the style of an artwork.



Different styles of massage



The origin of the massage is lost in the mists of time.

Being brief, a phrase that we really like is that of the poet Novalis: Man is a sun and his senses are the planets.


Our life is often full of stress, fatigue, moodiness, daily chaos.


A good massage, my massage, help you to revive your senses, give you new harmony and positive effects. No stress, no low low, no mood swings, no chaos. With my massage you can live a moment of calm, tranquility and serenity.


When your sky is hidden in mist you can meet my art massage and it will be cloudless. Your senses will go toward a new sun.



Re-starting your body and your mind with new positive energy and optimism. Re-starting them with my styles of massage: Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, Relaxing massage, Sports massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, Slimming massage, Emotional massage. No erotic massage. No Tantra massage.


Art massage for you. Wellness. Relax. Marvelous sensation on body and mind.






At the moment, the massages are done in your home or your hotel professorially, confidentiality, and with same privacy that you will find in the studio.



Write me for an appointment or more info.


From Termini, Rome massage for you.



Titty's Massage in Rome Termini: your stop of the wellness and relax